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    1. Hello, welcome to the official website of Wuhan Xinlaifu Hydraulic pneumatic Equipment Co. LTD
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      PVXS plunger pump

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      PVXS plunger pump

      PVXS plunger pump

      Classification: Rexroth hydraulic pump

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      PVXS plunger pump features:

      1. The axial piston pump with swash plate design has high reliability and long service life.
      2. The pressure reaches 420bar. The rated speed is 1800 min-1 or higher.
      3. Enlarged shaft and bearing.
      4. The rotating and pressure load components are pressure balanced.
      5. Integral control pump, filter and overflow valve are available.
      6. "Combined block" design makes these pumps have a wide range of applications.
      7. Fast response time.

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