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      PVH plunger pump

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      PVH plunger pump

      PVH plunger pump

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      Introduction of PVH plunger pump

      1. Regularly replace the hydraulic oil and filter
      1. A good hydraulic oil contains a variety of additives, which can prevent oil deterioration.
      2. However, these additives will lose their effectiveness after a period of time. Therefore, the oil should be changed regularly to ensure that the additives work.
      3. The filter can only absorb a limited number of dirt particles and other impurities from the oil.
      4. For Hitachi Construction Machinery ZX series (medium-sized) machines, please change the hydraulic oil tank return filter every 1000 working hours, and clean the hydraulic oil tank suction filter when changing the hydraulic oil to keep the system clean.
      5. When replacing the hydraulic oil filter, please check whether there are metal particles or debris at the bottom of the filter; if there is copper or iron filings, it indicates that the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor or valve may be damaged or about to be damaged. If there is rubber, it means The hydraulic cylinder seal is damaged.
      2. Regularly discharge fuel tank dirt
      1. It is very important to regularly release the water and sediment in the oil tank to remove impurities in the oil, but it is also very important to regularly replace the hydraulic oil in the entire hydraulic system. This is a reliable method to completely remove system impurities, oxidized hydraulic oil and other harmful impurities. Then, the clean hydraulic oil recommended by Hitachi Construction Machinery should be added to the hydraulic system again.
      2. Please discharge the dirt in the hydraulic oil tank every 250 working hours.



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