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      Injection molding machine hydraulic station

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      Injection molding machine hydraulic station

      Injection molding machine hydraulic station

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      Injection molding machine is a kind of general-purpose equipment, which can produce various types of injection molded products by supporting it with different special injection molds. The injection molding machine is mainly composed of a frame, a dynamic and static template, a clamping pressure component, a pre-molding, an injection component, a hydraulic station, an electrical control system and other components; the dynamic template and a static template of the injection molding machine are used to install different types of special injection molding in pairs Mold. There are two structures for clamping and holding pressure components to drive the template to work (machine-hydraulic combined type).

      The injection molding machine hydraulic station consists of five parts, namely power components, executive components, control components, auxiliary components (accessories) and hydraulic oil. The function of the power element is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, which refers to the oil pump in the hydraulic system, which provides power to the entire hydraulic system. The structure of hydraulic pumps generally includes gear pumps, vane pumps and plunger pumps. Auxiliary components include fuel tanks, oil filters, oil pipes and pipe joints, sealing rings, quick-change joints, high-pressure ball valves, hose assemblies, pressure measuring joints, pressure gauges, oil level oil temperature gauges, etc.


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