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      Classification introduction of hydraulic station

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      Hydraulic station is an electromechanical device that provides lubrication and power for the operation of machinery produced by large and medium-sized industries. According to the structure of the hydraulic station, it can be classified according to the structure of the pump device, the installation position and the cooling method. For example, according to the mechanism and installation position of the pump device, it can be divided into three types: vertical type, horizontal type and side type.
      The top-mounted vertical type is to install the pump device on the fuel tank cover in a vertical manner, and is mainly used for a quantitative pump system. The top-mounted horizontal type is to install the pump device on the fuel tank cover in a horizontal way. It is mainly used for variable pump system to control the flow rate. The side-mounted type is to install the pump device on a separate basis next to the fuel tank in a horizontal manner. It is used for systems with a large fuel tank capacity of 250 liters and a motor power of more than 7.5 kilowatts.
      The above is an explanation of the classification of hydraulic stations, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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